EIDEL Eidsvoll Electronics AS, Norway

Eidsvoll Electronics AS has supplied telemetry products to the Aerospace, Military and Industrial markets since 1966. Experience, combined with the latest technologies is the basis of our standard products and custom designs. A close contact with our many international customers helps us to focus on the user requirements.

Data Collection
The EE240 PCM Encoder is compact and remote programmable. Signal Conditioning modules are available for various sensors and signals. EE240 can be used stand-alone or as plug-in modules for the EE235 Solid State recorder. EE240 is qualified for missile environments and used in programs like IRIS-T.

Solid State Recorder
The EE235 Solid State Recorder has a data storage capacity of 256 to 8192 MByte. It records serial or parallel data at continuous data rates up to 15 Mbps. The functionality is similar to a tape recorder. The EE235 SSR uses non-volatile memories. It is qualified for the ARIANE 5 and IRIS-T.

PCM Decoder Systems
The EE315 and EE350 PCM Decoders are based on plug-in boards for the PC and on system software for Windows. The Decoders provide real-time data displays, scaling to physical parameter and data recording to disk. Playback of stored data to displays and export of data. A DLL is available for LabWindows CVI for those who want to implement their own specialties.

The EE200 software is a programming tool for the Eidel PCM Encoders and Decoders. The PCM format is automatically generated based on user requirements. A change on the encoder setup is automatically updated in the decoder presentation. Dedicated software development for telemetry and control applications.

Control Systems
A military radio communication remote control system has been developed and installed. It is a Have Quick based system including time, frequency and control distribution. Other control systems are used for civilian air traffic communication.

Special purpose instrumentation systems are designed and delivered for applications ranging from submarines to space. Pollution monitoring onboard the Artemis spacecraft is only one example.

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