Columbia Research Laboratories, Inc. is specializing in highly technical electromechanical and electronic instrumentation since 1953. Starting with Piezoelectric Accelerometers, Pressure Transducers and Linear Variable Differential Transformers, Columbia expanded into Force Balance Linear Accelerometers in the 1960's. During the 70's Columbia moved into Industrial Vibration Monitoring and introduced Inclinometers into the product line. In response to the Aerospace and Military needs in the 1980's Columbia introduced the Series 2684 Foil Strain Sensor for Fatigue Load Monitoring, the only flight qualified line of sensors of this type. Also Angular Accelerometers to provide extremely high sensitivity and full scale ranges as low as ±0.01 rad/sec2. Today Columbia is still leading the way with Dual Mode Vibration/Temperature Sensors, Tri-Axial Waterproof Force Balance Accelerometers and High Intensity Acoustic Microphones.

Located in Woodlyn, Pennsylvania, just minutes from the Philadelphia Airport, Columbia's 20,000 square feet in-house manufacturing facility provides for 98% of the production processes, reducing dependency on outside contractors and thereby enabling Columbia to provide their customers with higher quality products, timely delivery and reasonable pricing.

Columbia's constantly growing product line has been and continues to be in demand by customers including Boeing, Rockwell, Lockheed Martin, Honeywell International , Northrop Grumman Corp., B.A.E., Schlumberger, Baker Atlas, Raytheon Aircraft, Moog, Rockwell Collins, Siemens / Westinghouse to name a few.

When performance and reliability are the key requirements, Columbia Research Laboratories, Inc. has the capability and is ready to meet your existing and future sensor needs.

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AGILE 15 years in Orbit

For 15 years in operation. AGILE provides important sicientifica data


EnMAP satellite successfully launched

The EnMAP satellite was launched on April 01, 2022 and has successfully completed its LEOP (Launch...


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