AGILE 15 years in Orbit


The Italian satellite AGILE was launched on April 23, 2007 from the Indian base of Sriharikota. Initially designed for a 2 years mission time, the satellite of ASI (Agencia Spatiale Italiana),  operated in cooperation with INAF and INFN, is still fully operational after 15 years  and more than 77,600 Orbits. It continues its monitoring and is still providing important and highly regarded scientific data.

The heart of the AGILE (Astrorivelatore Gamma a Immagini Leggero -> Light Imager for Gamma-ray Astrophysics) mission is a new-generation gamma-ray detector.

The AGILE satellite was built by Carlo Gavacci Space (now OHB-Italia). The communication with the ground stations is done with the onboard S-Band communication system (consisting of TMTC-Unit and Antennas) of STT-SystemTechnik GmbH.

Links: AGILE @ ASI, ASI News

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