PDTX-1000 DVB-S2 Payload Data Transmitter

The PDTX-1000 Payload Data Transmitter provides a cost-effective, space-grade high-rate data downlink transmitter using a most modern modulation scheme. It offers a CAN-bus Interface for commanding and housekeeping. STT’s space equipment offers highest quality and reliability.

The PDTX-1000 is fully compliant with the CCSDS standard for payload data transmission (CCSDS 131.3-B-1), using DVB-S2. The wide-spread proliferation of DVB-S2 implementations, guaranteeing a high grade of technical maturity and offering cost-effective solutions for the ground segment.

The PDTX-1000 Payload Data Transmitter is available for operation in the C-Band (5,150 MHz to 5,216 MHz allocated on a primary basis to Space-to-Earth feeder-links of non-geostationary satellite systems for mobile-satellite services) and in the X-Band (8,025 to 8,400 MHz).

Technical Specification

Supported Standards for transmission mode ETSI EN 302 307 V1.3.1, November 2012, fully compliant CCSDS 131.3-B-1, Blue Book, March 2013, fully compliant
Modulator symbol rate 50 MBd
Transmit frequency 5183 MHz (center frequency of ITU frequency band)
Transmit power 1 W to 8 W adjustable in very small steps (< 0.1 dB)
Error Vector Magnitude < 8%
Out-of-band emissions Compliant to ITU-R SM.1541-6, Annex 5.1
Spurious signals < 70 dBc (in the spurious domain according to ITU-R)
Primary voltage range 22 V to 34 V
Power consumption < 45 W
Mass < 4.5 kg
Volume < 3.5 liter
Operating temperature -30°C to +60°C


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