Vega Launch with PRISMA satellite


The launch vehicle Vega VV-14 carrying the Italian Earth Observation Satellite PRISMA (Precusore IperSpettrale della Missione Applicativa) was successfully launched on March 22, 2019 at 02:50 CET from the Vega launch pad at the French Guiana Space Center, located on the north-eastern coast of South America.

The Vega launcher, primarily developed and built in Italy, has headed north over the Atlantic Ocean and has successfully delivered the PRISMA satellite into a sun-synchronous orbit at 615 km. PRISMA’s images will help scientists to study the environment and aid with the monitoring of land use, natural resources, water pollution, soil mixtures and the carbon cycle.

STT has delivered the complete S-Band Subsystem, consisting of TMTC-unit and the antennas.

Telespazio, which operates the PRISMA mission control center, confirms the satellite has got good contact with ground via its S-Band communication subsystem.

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Vega Launch with PRISMA satellite

PRISMA satellite successfully launched onboard Vega VV-14



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